Hi! I’m Angela. I’m a singer-songwriter, and I have a thing for clouds. I grew up in New Mexico, which has the loveliest clouds in the world. Right now, I live in the California Bay Area. The clouds here aren’t bad. I love watching the fog roll in.

My songwriting journey started with a child-size guitar. When I was a kid, my parents gave the guitar to my brother and me for Christmas. Neither of us played that guitar until I stumbled upon it in a storage room a couple years ago. I blew off the dust, shooed away some spiders, and started plinking around. The guitar felt like an enchanted object, as if it had been waiting in that corner for me to discover it just when I needed it the most.

Finding that guitar was the start of everything you see on this website.

You can reach me at angelatorney.music@gmail.com.

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