Welcome to my website!

I’m a singer-songwriter, and I self-release my work as music videos on YouTube. I write songs about the joys and challenges of life in the world today. I believe that we find what we look for. If we look for darkness, we’ll find plenty of that. But if we look for kindness, courage, and goodness in the face of the darkness, that’s what we’ll find. On this website, I share lyrics and go into depth about what each project and song means to me. Please take a look around, and enjoy…


“Spark” is the first track on my new music project, Faith. The house at the heart of my boyfriend’s family burned down in a wildfire. My boyfriend, his cousin, and I returned to the old homesite to make this video and say goodbye.


“By a Different Star”

“By a Different Star” is the title track on my first music project, a series of five videos. The song and project are about starting over—daring to change course and follow a different star.